October, 2015 | Oil Pulling

October, 2015

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Less Plaque, Whiter Teeth, Better Health!

Oil Pulling Delivers This, and More!

glass sesame oil for oil pulling

Many are discovering the wonderful practice of Oil Pulling today. It is actually an ancient Ayurvedic practice for oral health and wellness.


The act of swishing oil in your mouth to attract out bacteria and viruses and more, improves your health. It naturally and holistically whitens teeth, freshens breath, cuts down on plaque and gum disease. It may even help conditions like sinus troubles, eczema and energy problems.


Each of the zillions of bacteria in your mouth has a lipid skin (oily), and oil attracts oil. So the scient of swishing oil to attract all those germs works.


Just do it every day, and try to aim for 20 minutes – but start at 10 minutes if you have a hard time at first.  Do it while you are doing other daily rituals so you don’t get blocked by the time challenge.


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