What is Oil Pulling? | Oil Pulling



Oil Pulling, sometimes referred to as Oil Swishing, is a wonderful ancient Ayurvedic practice for wellness.

To Oil Pull is to swish an organic oil in and around your mouth, between your teeth, on your gums, under your tongue to draw out bacteria.

This works because bacteria has an oily skin (lipid), and OIL ATTRACTS OIL!  The bacteria rushes to join with the oil being swished in your mouth.

Taking bacteria out of your mouth reduces plaque (plaque is just excess bacteria!), reduces bad breath, whitens teeth naturally, reduces gingivitis (gum disease) or keeps it away, and can help prevent cavities.

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But taking bacteria out of your body also keeps it from being absorbed into your body system and helps lighten the load of your lymphatic system. This is a great holistic wellness tool that is incredibly simple.

There are other things Oil Pulling is said to address, from sinusitis, eczema and more. Refer to the sites below for more details and information.

Traditionally, Oil Pulling has used Sesame Oil since ancient times.  However, some in the US like to use Coconut Oil, and some companies add Essential Oils to an oil. We believe using an organic oil daily is a good way to go and it comes down to a matter of taste!

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